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As a Senior Analyst for the Strategic Technologies research team, Rian analyzes the commercial and industrial Robotics market. Since 2017, he has delivered insight for clients on Industrial Automation, Collaborative Robotics, Mobile Robotics, unmanned aerial systems, and exoskeletons.

Rian has spoken at numerous international industry events, including Robo Business, Automate, ProMat, and the Boston Robotics Summit. He is a frequent contributor to the Robot Report, Robotics Business Review, Robotics Trends, and the British Interest, and is often quoted in top tier press including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, and the BBC, among others Rian is also on the advisory board for RoboBusiness and an advisor to VDEI, an industry trade group dedicated to furthering the understanding of the exoskeleton market.


Rian graduated in 2017 with a Master’s degree in Science & Security from King’s College London, where he paid special focus to the history of the innovation in the American military,  researching the intersection of technology and defense. Prior to that, he was an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield, studying History and Politics.

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Rian Whitton

Rian Whitton

Senior Analyst


London, U.K.

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