Lance Wilson

Research Focus

Lance Wilson, Research Director at ABI Research, oversees ABI Research's RF power market analysis including RF components and systems, RF power amplifiers, and RF power semiconductors. He not only conducts individual research projects but assists in the coordination of departmental initiatives on wireless topics and contributes to the firm's overall research direction. Additionally, he writes on various subjects in wireless infrastructure.

Past Experience

Lance is now in his forty-fifth year of continuous involvement with RF power semiconductors and related equipment. His experience covers the gamut of RF power applications, including wireless infrastructure, land mobile radio, TV/radio broadcast, pulsed applications for civilian and military use such as radar and transponders, space/military communications, and industrial RF power.

His industry experience includes two decades at Motorola, Inc., first as Principal Staff Engineer and later as Principal Market Researcher/Competitive Intelligence Manager—RF Power Semiconductors. He also worked on Motorola's line of Instrumentation RF power amplifiers and holds three U.S. patents on RF power-related topics.

Previously, he served as Senior Staff Engineer at TRW RF Devices and at Varian Associates' Solid State Microwave Division, and as a Design Engineer at Varian's CTC RF semiconductor division.

Lance is a Senior Member of the IEEE.


He attended the University of California, majoring in physics.


Scottsdale, U.S.

Topics Covered

RF High-Power Semiconductors

Contributes To

5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure