Kateryna Dubrova

Research Focus

Kateryna Dubrova is a Research Analyst on ABI Research’s IoT Networks and Services team. Her current specialization covers data management, analytics, and monetization strategies for enterprises that use the Internet of things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies. Kateryna conducts market/industry analytics, as well as competitive analysis of M2M/IoT-specific market players

Past Experience

Kateryna worked as a FinTech Research Analyst in the Political Economy Department at the University of Birmingham, gathering qualitative and quantitative material on FinTech firms, digitalization, and regulatory shifts since the 2008 financial crisis. She also worked on a collaborative Harvard-Birmingham Universities research project.

Corporate experience included a contract with Ernst & Young as a Research Analyst for the energy and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) markets. Kateryna worked at the NATO Energy Security as a Public Affairs Associate, followed by a Strategic Analyst position. She also interned at KIT-ARTON Holding in Ukraine.


Kateryna holds a BA in International Relations & Political Science, an MSc in Strategic Marketing and Consulting, and, in 2019, received an MSc in Strategic and Innovation Management from the University of Birmingham.

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