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In his role as Research Director, Robotics at ABI Research, Dan provides deep, informed analysis of automation, robotics and intelligent systems business and technical trends across various industries, and works with industry stakeholders to highlight opportunities, identify emerging markets, and build new, profitable, lines of business. 


Prior to joining ABI, Dan was Chief Research Officer for Myria RAS, a research and advisory services firm focused on robotics and intelligent systems trends, and President of Robotics Trends, an integrated media and research firm. Dan has also worked as Executive Vice President of Intermedia Group, Director of Research at Ullo International, and Chief Technical Officer of Software Productivity Group.


He holds a MS in Computer Science from Boston University.

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Dan Kara

Dan Kara

Research Director


Massachusetts, U.S.

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Robotics in Construction, Consumer, Security, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, AI

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