Adarsh Krishnan

Research Focus

Adarsh Krishnan, Research Director at ABI Research, orchestrates research regarding the Internet of Everything (IoE), Enterprise, and M2M. Since 2012, he has contributed to broadening ABI research coverage of broadband access technologies, smart home, wireless connectivity technologies, and other emerging transformative technologies. Adarsh has focused on key research and analysis of the IoE value chain to provide crucial trends in key vertical IoT markets. He has done extensive research on smart buildings, smart grids, smart street lighting, asset tracking, and Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) network connectivity technologies.

Past Experience

Adarsh is an experienced researcher and is highly skilled in advanced market research methodologies, statistical analysis and has developed strong working relationships with suppliers and trade associations in the technology sector. Prior to joining ABI Research, Adarsh worked as a Senior HR Consultant at People Source Management ME, where he was responsible for developing the IT and engineering business in the Middle East and Africa region for the firm.


Adarsh earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from New Horizon College in India and a Master’s degree in International Marketing from The Strathclyde University in the U.K.