Consumer Monthly Video Game Rental Spend Captures $23 Versus $20 for Premium VOD, According to ABI Research’s Technology Barometer

Oyster Bay, New York - 26 Apr 2012

​While only half of the respondents to ABI Research’s Technology Barometer™ survey claimed to rent video games, which are usually game console centric, as compared to DVD/Blu-ray movies, these respondents averaged a considerably higher monthly spend rate at $23, compared to $16 for DVD/Blu-ray.  This average spend also eclipsed monthly premium Video on Demand rentals from pay-TV service providers ($20) – only monthly expenditures at movie theaters and restaurants (“eating out”) were higher amongst respondents who participated in those activities, at $27 and $67, respectively. 

Gaming continues to gain mindshare in the entertainment industry and this momentum is reinforced by deals such as Zynga’s $210 million acquisition of OMGPOP, the developer behind “Draw Something.”  But is this bullish thinking, or are more consumers looking to gaming as a source of entertainment? 

Over 51% of US respondents claimed to play online games, eclipsing online video, which stood at 45%.  Online gaming also fell within the range of other key entertainment sources such as movie theater attendance (57%), DVD rentals (56%), and DVD purchases (55%) - only social networking (66%) had a significantly higher level of support.

“Casual gaming started to gain significant attention following Nintendo’s Wii, but mobile devices, which in many cases fall within the casual bucket, have markedly boosted consumers’ exposure to the gaming market,” says senior analyst Michael Inouye.  “The rise in casual gaming, however, has not adversely impacted the core market, as game consoles are currently the most connected non-computing device in the home.”

Inouye adds, “Connected CE devices, such as TVs and smart set-top boxes, also saw a significant increase in game play amongst respondents and, as more consumers enter the gaming market, the potential exists for incumbent players such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to leverage new channels, like mobile and connected CE, and expand the market pie.  This need not be a zero-sum game.” 

ABI Research’s three Technology Barometer™: Digital Lifestyle Wave 3 US surveys, “Home Networking and Connected CE Trends,” “Leisure/Entertainment Spend Trends,” and “Pay-TV Service Trends,” track consumer behavior, purchase intention, brand preferences, and devices within the digital home.

They are part of ABI Research’s Technology Barometer: Digital Lifestyle Service.

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