Sales Empowerment

Increase sales and improve conversion rates.

Get Started

Develop better product positioning that demonstrates your value and resonates with potential customers.


Aligning For Success

To ensure your success, you will be matched with a dedicated lead analyst who has expertise in your specific market and with the technology ecosystem that matters to your business. You’ll also be supported by our Client Success and Account Management teams, ensuring that you’ll have direct and timely access to the expertise you need, when you need it. If you have questions, we’ll be here to answer them.

The Process

Our Sales Empowerment process is customized for each client’s specific needs, but typically consists of the following:

  • Discovery Calls: Your dedicated ABI Research analyst will work closely with your sales and marketing teams to understand your goals and determine a project timeline that works for you.
  • Action Plan: Based on the Discovery Call, our analyst will present a detailed, structured plan outlining all deliverables and how they align with your business goals. You’ll have an opportunity to review and approve the plan before moving forward, ensuring full transparency and alignment between our research and your expectations.
  • Kickoff: Together, we will review the final Action Plan and formally initiate the project.
  • Wrap Up Call: At the end of the project, we will host a wrap up call to discuss the engagement, our research, and your feedback. We’ll also define new best practices for potential future projects.


During the Discovery Calls, we’ll work with your team to determine the specific research reports and deliverables that need to be developed. However, the following deliverables are suggested elements of our Sales Empowerment solution.

Market Primer Report

We'll provide detailed stats on the current state of your target market, potential customers, and current and future trends.

Licensing of ABI Tools & Materials

Leverage our reports, charts, Insights, and quotes for your thought leadership and lead generation efforts

Sales Collateral

We'll work with your team to create and design persuasive, actionable sales collateral, including sell sheets, brochures, and digital assets.

Analyst Presentation

Our analysts will host live or on-demand presentations for your team – or for your clients.

Analyst Training

Our analysts will present key insights, stats, and recommendations to your sales team and key stakeholders.


Additional Research Services

As part of our Sales Empowerment solution, ABI Research can also provide you with detailed reports, data, and information through our Technology Research Services.

Tailored upon your specific needs, goals, and budget, you will receive access to research in the service areas most relevant to your business, along with direct access to analysts within those service areas. We can also host on-site presentations for your internal teams.