Mobile Device Platform Intelligence

At a Glance

Unique Platform Intelligence

  • Covers cellular platforms and apps processors from more than 26 suppliers

Apps Processor Benchmarks

  • 3D and 2D graphics, Pi calc., MFLOPS, floating point and fixed point processing, memory and SD card read/write, web access
  • Power measurements for each test

View and Filter Chipset Roadmap

  • Overlap, filter and zoom data from 1 or all suppliers
  • View roadmap and data from 2001 to 2013+

Plot Parameters

  • Over 60 parameters available to plot, including cost, power, die info, platform info, etc

Compare Platforms

  • Compare up to 10 platforms in a side-by-side view
  • Automatically identify which platform excels across each category

Phone Model Trending by OEM or Semi Provider

  • Identify RAT, connectivity or supplier

This Research Service unifies a wide range of market intelligence within one powerful and flexible browser-based tool:

  • Silicon provider data sheet style specifications
  • Handset content and features trends

This tool pulls all the key data into one application which allows overlapped or side-by-side comparisons of data for individual chips and platforms, including EBOM, manufacturing performance, and technical design details. It presents a level of detail that is unavailable elsewhere, facilitating similar platform comparisons and displaying results in a user-friendly interactive layout that identifies the best offerings and solutions.