Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones Only 1 Significant Change

The Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones that were recently released use many of the same electrical parts as its predecessor Beats Solo 3. The connectivity is provided via Apples W1 chip, battery management by TI, and USB by Fairchild. The Main difference between the models being the most significant audio component- the codec. The Studio 3 has transitioned from the Maxim MAX98730 to the Cirrus Logic CS47L50C for audio performance. Apple (who purchased Beats) must believe the transition is of value since the codec is the only significant component variant yet the Studio 3 (Cirrus Logic CS47L50C) costs an additional $50 (Maxim MAX98730). Cirrus seems to doing quite well in the ANC (Active noise cancellation) market as this is the second win we have seen (47L51b found in the Samsung ANC earbuds) in blooming ANC market.