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Who We Are

ABI Research provides strategic guidance for visionaries needing market foresight on the most compelling transformative technologies, which reshape workforces, identify holes in a market, create new business models and drive new revenue streams. ABI's own research visionaries take stances early on those technologies, publishing groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms. ABI analysts deliver their conclusions and recommendations in easily and quickly absorbed formats to ensure proper context. Our analysts strategically guide visionaries to take action now and inspire their business to realize a bigger picture.



ABI Research's mission is to have our own research visionaries strategically guide our client base of visionaries to realize a bigger picture by focusing on the most compelling transformative technologies.


ABI Research's vision is to guide the technology advisory community to "speak visionary" — delivering strategic guidance that can be easily and quickly absorbed to ensure proper context.

More than 70 percent of our research is transformative and focuses on the long term. We analyze what will happen five — even 10! — years from now; thus, giving your organization sufficient time to realign strategies, departments and roles to remain competitive in the future.

How Is Our Research Methodology Different:

ABI Research grounds everything in data because of our strong quantitative foundation. Equally important, through our Research Deliverables and Analyst Inquiries, we help you make sense of that data so you have a clear strategic direction.

Central to our Research Deliverables is not only the process of how we collect data but also from whom as well as what we focus on and why, thereby ABI Research aims to:

  1. Collect data from all strata of the market value chain:
    1. the companies developing the strategic technologies
    2. those aggregating the technologies to create enabling platforms
    3. the end users in specific verticals and segments that are adopting the platforms
  2. Conduct extensive primary and secondary research: Between 2,000-3,000 interviews worldwide are administered per year, giving ABI Research a powerful market perspective combining the end-to-end data points from the value chain.
  3. Focus on the most compelling markets: ABI Research targets very specific market segments that are having the most transformative impacts on the wider technology and end markets.
  4. Identify technologies and markets early on: ABI Research executes all of the above earlier than other technology advisory firms, giving us a deep and granular perspective that is honed over a period of time ensuring our model is mature and stable. We publish groundbreaking studies often 18 to 36 months ahead of other technology advisory firms.
  1. Incorporate data findings by adapting our own Research Services and Solutions: We innovate as per Research Service or Solution because of our clients' needs, market conditions and the competitive landscapes to ensure our coverage focuses on the applications that will drive usage, volumes and revenues. For instance, in IoT we collect and present data throughout all market strata from hardware to VAS (value-added service) and implement this across multiple countries, applications and industry segments.
  2. Combine vertical market knowledge with deep technical understanding: Because of our customers' technology solutions intersect with an end market, our research teams are aligned by having an analyst that is based in the end market alongside an analyst with a specific technology background. This is the foundational aspect of our structure and collaborative culture and eliminates a siloed environment, thereby giving us a genuine integrated and complementary outlook.

What Can We Help You Achieve:

Because ABI Research provides strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies, we deliver that promise through Solutions and Subscriptions that target your company and individual objectives, including:

  • Fleshing out product roadmaps
  • Improving thought leadership and demand generation initiatives
  • Collecting competitive information
  • Identifying mergers and acquisitions
  • Expanding channel strategies
  • Creating positioning and branding
  • Developing 3- to 5-year strategic plans

As a result, ABI Research can help you overcome specific challenges, such as:

  • Increasing current market share
  • Creating strategies to enter new markets
  • Getting buy-in from leadership about market and product strategies
  • Having a better understanding of specific technologies and platforms as well as end-user trends