Digital Twin-Enabled Cost Savings for Cities

Source Research:

Urban Planning and Digital Twins

Research Report | 20 Jul 2021 | AN-5416

Most of the activity and debate surrounding urban digital twins remains focused on operations, management, and maintenance of assets and services. However, this report exclusively focuses on urban design and planning, from the creation of entirely new urban geospatial concepts to the optimization of existing cities in terms of the enhanced planning of networks and infrastructure to provide services like connectivity, surveillance, lighting, (renewable) energy, water, gas, transport, accommodation, and other residential and business services. 

Increasingly, digital twins are deployed to build digital-first replicas of physical infrastructure and mechanical and electrical systems, allowing operation simulation, scenario assessments, and design optimization prior to any physical deployments in the urban environment. This approach offers multiple benefits, from higher quality designs to cost savings and faster time to market, largely avoiding expensive design mistakes that result in changes during implementation, while, at the same time, maximizing asset utilization and cross-vertical optimization.

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