{"index": ["Table 9"], "titles": [["Mobile Phone Accessories Included in the Handset Box and Price"], ["1Q 2016 Survey Results"], ["Question 9: Which, if any, of the following accessories were included inside the box with your mobile/smart phone OR in a manufacturer or carrier promotion bundle, but not in the box, as part of the original purchase price? (Please check all that apply)"]], "header": ["Accessories", "Number of Respondents", "% of \nRespondents"], "data": [["Removable battery", "", ""], ["Charger (including portable chargers / external battery packs)", "", ""], ["Data transfer/connection/charging cable (usually a USB cable to connect the handset to a PC or charger)", "", ""], ["Memory/SD card", "", ""], ["Wired headset", "", ""], ["Mono (one ear) Bluetooth headset (i.e. wireless)", "", ""], ["Stereo (two ears) Bluetooth headset (i.e. wireless)", "", ""], ["Adhesive screen protector/scratch protection film", "", ""], ["Carrying holster/belt-clip holster", "", ""], ["Protective case or pouch", "", ""], ["Automotive car/dash mount or cradle", "", ""], ["External Bluetooth mobile speakers (often used for playing music from a handset)", "", ""], ["None - my mobile/smart phone did not come come with any accessories as part of the original purchase price", "", ""], ["Other (please specify):", "", ""], ["Note: A total of 267 effective respondents for this question.", "", ""]], "allowPreview": "true", "chartableRows": [], "footer": ["Source: ABI Research"]}