{"index": ["Table 8"], "titles": [["Where Mobile Phone Was Purchased"], ["1Q 2016 Survey Results"], ["Question 8: Where did you purchase your mobile/smart phone?"]], "header": ["Where Mobile Phone Was Purchased", "Number of Respondents", "% of \nRespondents"], "data": [["Amazon.com", "", ""], ["Mobile service providers online store (verizonwireless.com, att.com, etc)", "", ""], ["Major Electronics Store Online (bestbuy.com, radioshack.com, etc)", "", ""], ["Electronics Brand Online (apple.com, microsoft.com, google.com or Google Play, etc)", "", ""], ["Mobile service providers retail store (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile)", "", ""], ["Major Electronics Store (Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc) or Major retail store (Target, Walmart, etc)", "", ""], ["Electronics Brand Store (Apple Store, Microsoft Store, etc)", "", ""], ["Other Retail (grocery, corner shop, etc)", "", ""], ["Other online", "", ""], ["Total", "", ""]], "allowPreview": "true", "chartableRows": [], "footer": ["Source: ABI Research"]}