{"index": ["Table 11"], "titles": [["Level of Importance for Smartwatch Features"], ["4Q 2013 Survey Results, \"Voice Command and Control (Answer Emails, Speak Text Messages, Start a Timer, Change Music Tracks by Spoken Command\" Answer Choice"], ["Question 11: In order of importance from 1 to 9, where 1 is the most important and 9 is the least, please order the following features of a smartwatch (a watch that offers functionality, such as displaying incoming text messages, caller ID, and other information that it receives from a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or other mobile device) in terms of their importance to you."]], "header": ["Order of Importance", "Number of Respondents"], "data": [["1", ""], ["2", ""], ["3", ""], ["4", ""], ["5", ""], ["6", ""], ["7", ""], ["8", ""], ["9", ""], ["Total", ""]], "allowPreview": "true", "chartableRows": [], "footer": ["Source: ABI Research"]}