{"index": ["Table 10"], "titles": [["Where Mobile Phone Accessories Were Purchased \"Off the Shelf\""], ["4Q 2013 Survey Results, \"Battery\" Answer Choice"], ["Question 7: Where did you buy the additional off the shelf accessories? Answers required ONLY for accessories purchased indicated in question five, leave other options blank."]], "header": ["Where \"Off the Shelf\" Accessories Were Purchased", "Number of Respondents", "% of \nRespondents"], "data": [["Other Online Store", "", ""], ["Major Retail Store", "", ""], ["Mobile Service Provider's Retail Store", "", ""], ["Mobile Provider's Online Store", "", ""], ["Other", "", ""], ["Major Retailer's Online Store", "", ""], ["Grocery or Convenience Store", "", ""], ["Local Telco Store", "", ""], ["Total", "", ""]], "allowPreview": "true", "chartableRows": [], "footer": ["Source: ABI Research"]}