{"index": ["Table 5"], "titles": [["Mobile Phone Accessories Purchased \"Off the Shelf\""], ["4Q 2013 Survey Results"], ["Question 5: Which, if any, of the following accessories have you purchased \"off the shelf\" for your handset or smartphone? This includes accessories that were purchased as an upgrade, improvement, or addition to the set of accessories in the box (e.g., a second battery, a premium set of headphones, protective case, etc.) (Please check all that apply.)"]], "header": ["\"Off the Shelf\" Accessories", "Number of Respondents", "% of \nRespondents"], "data": [["Protective case or pouch (cellphone case 1, cellphone case 2)", "", ""], ["Adhesive screen protector/scratch protection film", "", ""], ["Charger", "", ""], ["Memory card", "", ""], ["Automotive car/dash-mount or cradle", "", ""], ["Stereo wired headset", "", ""], ["None of the above", "", ""], ["Mono Bluetooth headset (wireless)", "", ""], ["Stereo Bluetooth headset (wireless)", "", ""], ["External mini/mobile speakers (often used for playing music from a handset) (music speakers, music speakers 2", "", ""], ["Battery", "", ""], ["Carrying holster/belt clip holster (cellphone holster 1)", "", ""], ["Automotive hands-free car speaker/automotive hands-free kit (often clips to the sun visor) (carspeaker)", "", ""], ["Data transfer/connection kit (usually a software CD and PC connector cable to transfer files to and from the handset to the PC) (Data Connection Kit)", "", ""], ["Stylus", "", ""], ["Mono wired headset", "", ""], ["Decorative elements (e.g., adhesive jewels, hanging charms, stickers, etc.)", "", ""], ["Total", "", ""]], "allowPreview": "true", "chartableRows": [], "footer": ["Source: ABI Research"]}