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Our leading smart healthcare research extends beyond traditional mHealth wearable coverage and focuses on all of the new platforms, software, and hardware shaping future monitoring and diagnostic techniques in both homes and hospitals. Analyzed from an integrated IoT perspective, our healthcare coverage investigates emerging healthcare adherence, privacy, regulation, and security challenges in connected health to offer a 360-degree view on the ecosystem and showcase how it relates to converging technology sectors, like the automotive and smart home industries.

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Disposable Medical Sensors

This report covers both adhesive devices and ingestible devices within the medical space, identifying barriers and drivers within the space for both on-site and remote monitoring sectors.


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Amazon Show Pushes Alexa into Aging in Place

3Q 2017

Announced in May, the end of June saw the first shipments of Amazon’s Echo Show device, which extends the Alexa voice control platform to a screen-equipped device. While the unit extends the functionality available to Echo customers with the delivery of in-built video and voice communication capabilities, it can also push Amazon’s smart home efforts into adjacent markets, most notably the aging in place market that has long failed to ignite widespread consumer support.

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The Emerging Role of Wearables in Corporate Wellness Programs

Global healthcare spending is at record levels, driven by the cost of an aging population and the associated long-term care for chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Employers are facing these healthcare burdens, as well. Unwell employees cost companies more through increased health insurance plan costs. On average, they also experience more absenteeism than their peers and are generally less productive. This challenge is pushing employers, and the healthcare industry as a whole, to develop new products and solutions that can improve the health of individuals worldwide.

Over the past several years, employers have begun integrating wearable wireless devices into their wellness programs. These devices brought a new level of activity management and analysis to corporate wellness programs. They also increased employee participation rates and drove preventative programs for those covered by these programs.

This webinar will include an examination of the key drivers pushing wearable devices into corporate wellness programs, as well as what will drive success and competition in this market over the next five years. It will also include an overview of the major market players, including device manufacturers, insurance companies, and wellness providers, as well as how their efforts will converge to drive employee adoption and engagement into these programs. Additionally, the webinar will include a discussion on what these trends reveal about the evolution of the wearable device market.