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The SIM card market has grown rapidly, in-line with the high-level adoption of mobile communication. This is, in part, due to the central role that mobile communication has in many people’s everyday lives, but also due to some emerging drivers within the market including changing MNO business models, increased competition from partners and third parties, wider implementation of mobile connectivity and greater demand for new applications requiring ID and authentication.

The emergence of alternative service providers, other than the MNOs themselves, has seen increased focus on ways the MNOs can combat increased competition from OEMs and third-party service providers. Manufacturers, software developers and other related companies within the SIM community are looking at this as a way of promoting and developing the SIM and increasing the value that it can provide. However, there remain a number of technology- and product-specific issues, such as standards, handset support, product evolution, and security amongst others, which have prevented the SIM card from being fully developed to its potential.

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