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ABI Research examines robotics markets and intelligent systems trends, along with their underlying enabling technologies, to provide both quantitative market sizing information and informed, actionable analysis for informed decision making. Technology solution providers, along with end-user companies, investors, governments, and economic development groups, find the critical information they need to increase opportunities and minimize risk when employing robotics technologies to create new markets and product categories, open additional lines of business, enhance existing product lines, invest in or acquire firms, or create robotics innovation economies.

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Consumer Robotics Market

ABI Research has been covering consumer robotics since 2006 and is now covering it in more depth and detail than ever before, leveraging our experience in high-tech products, enabling technologies, and our relationships within the large technology vendor ecosystem. ABI Research segments the consumer robotics market into 22 consumer robotics product types, grouped into five consumer robotics categories. This market data consists of shipments, ASPs, revenue, and key technology attach rates by the five categories, as well as the 22 product types. This market is evolving rapidly across everything from lower cost robotic toys, to UAVs, home care robots, and complex personal robots. Historical market sizing and market forecasts cover the 2014 to 2025 time period.


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IBM and ABB Group's Strategic Partnership Provides for Comprehensive Industry 4.0 Support

3Q 2017

At this time, no one company is capable of supporting the complete Industry 4.0 requirements spectrum. However, with its ‘ABB Ability’ Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial collaboration software platform, along with a wide array of robots, industrial automation technologies, and sensing systems, ABB Group already has much of the Industry 4.0 solution stack in-house. What the company lacks is advanced analytics and machine learning support. Enter IBM.

Analyst Support

Every client is assigned a key member of our research team, based on their organization’s needs and goals. And, an unlimited number of Analyst Inquiry calls are available to answer your specific questions.

Malik Saadi

VP/Managing Director, Strategic Technologies

Dan Kara

Research Director


Robotics and Intelligent Systems

This webinar will examine the potential of robotics opportunities in such a way that informs decision making, maximizes opportunity, and reduces risk. Dan Kara will provide webinar attendees with a taxonomic framework that describes the various classes of robotics sectors and market sizing data for select sectors of the most exciting new markets. Sectors to be discussed include consumer robotics, mobile service robots, and more.

This webinar will explore the business, technology, and social issues driving these markets—the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and “reshoring,” for example— and will explore recent innovations that will ultimately accelerate the proliferation of robotic technology into the home, workplace, and public places.

Topics include:

Shipments, revenues, forecasts, and trends of select robotics sectors:
  • Home care/lawn care robotics
  • Industrial robots
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Mobile service robots
  • Powered exoskeletons
Select trends and opportunities:
  • Social robots
  • Mobile service robots
  • Cloud robotics
  • Industrial automation and IoT
  • Deep learning/distributed intelligence and robotics