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Over the past couple of years there have been some major developments and announcements that have brought much needed confidence and further belief in the NFC market and reinforced the success that NFC is expected to achieve. NFC integration is occurring in many consumer electronic devices and is seeing increased interest from other industries, including the security, healthcare, and automotive markets.

There are many innovative ways that NFC-equipped devices could connect retailers, brands, and enterprises with their customers and connect people to people (peer-to-peer) or people to devices (device pairing). When a smartphone becomes a portable NFC reader, the possibilities are endless and exciting.

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The Internet of Everything - RFID and NFC
Tapping Into NFC Growth
NFC Smart Card Vendors


NFC Is Following the Connectivity Route to Mass Market
Trustonic at One-year-old Shows Good Promise for the Future
Datacard Acquisition of Entrust Brings Benefits to Both
Why Apple Will Continue to Wait before Adopting NFC

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