Software Defined Networking & NFV

Mobile Networks are migrating from circuit switched 2G/3G networks to IP based 3G/4G networks with unprecedented uptake of mobile broadband, smartphones and the digitization of all things. The next big advances in the evolution of mobile core networks are: the penetration of commercial IT hardware, movement (due to virtualization) of the core network into national, regional, and local data centers; and the transformation of mobile telecom operators into WebScale, all-IP mobile broadband service providers.

Further, the SDN/NFV evolution of the core network is a continuous process of smart network development, and will lead to competitive advantage and generate new revenues as a profit center. The convergence of mobile, fixed, and Wi-Fi access will increasingly rationalize in the packet core—the central brain of the thinking network. 

Operators will transform from providing mobile access to WebScale service and experience management providers. The drive for everywhere, all-the-time access to content and services with the need for dynamic subscriber management and service optimization is making the core networks a focus of innovation like never before. ABI Research provides independent, thought provoking and unique analysis on the evolution of the mobile broadband networks into indispensable communicating and computing networks of tomorrow.


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