Smartphone & Handset Tracker

The mobile device market is the largest global consumer electronics market and represents great opportunity for huge volumes and revenues. Understanding regional and country market dynamics, alongside technology requirements and price points, is imperative to construct a winning business in this market.

ABI Research’s Smartphone & Handset Tracker service offers in-depth insight into the market’s main technology features, such as chipset speeds, camera megapixels, screen size and resolution, and network technologies, including LTE-FDD and TDD splits. Many of these features are also overlaid by segmented views for the major handset brands, IC vendors, operating systems and price tiers, to paint an all-encompassing picture when determining the major trends and underpinning dynamics of the market.

While there is still opportunity for handset sales growth in emerging markets with relatively low mobile penetration rates and from subscribers upgrading to smartphones, the global handsets market is maturing and becoming ever-more reliant on replacement sales. As the operating system landscape coalesces around fewer platforms, vendors’ abilities to differentiate their offerings, provide added features, such as next generation network technology, and prove increased value to the end user will ultimately stimulate these sales.

The vendor competitive landscape is continually changing as manufacturers face increasing pressure in profit margins and emerging markets. Not only are there regular and fast moving shifts in market share, but there is also a continual introduction of new and disruptive OEMs and supply chain dynamics that pose the potential to unseat the incumbents. The drive to win market share, while still keeping margins healthy, has seen the appearance of new business models for both vendors and mobile carriers alike. Many continue to turn to adjacent device segments, such as wearables, and services to open new streams of revenue.


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