Mobile Device Semiconductors

The mobile chips supply chain is undergoing major changes as a result of the proliferation of verticalization at the high-end of the market, as well as the emergence of reference designs at the low-end. These trends are now pushing IC suppliers to review their strategy in order to accommodate the new market conditions. As a result, the IC market is undergoing a major consolidation, particularly mobile processors and modems.

It is also noticeable that CPUs are no longer the heart of mobile processor platforms targeting smart devices as new functionalities and features rely on heterogeneous processing engines including GPUs, ISPs, MPUs, CPUs and DSPs. For example, the CPU occupies less than 20% of the total silicon dedicated to the processor platform while GPUs, ISPs, and sensor hubs are starting to play a more prominent role.

The industry is moving towards 4G, and 4.5G modems are required to support a number of bands and band combinations into a single SoC rather than relying on various SKUs targeting various regions and operators. However, the RF and radio frontend parts of the supply chain are still largely fragmented but the aggressive migration towards 4G and 4.5G will push these markets to consolidate as well.

This service is designed to keep clients abreast of the evolving mobile device semiconductor market as the industry dives deep into 4G with an eye on 5G. It looks to see just how many different functions and mobile and wireless technologies and bands can be crammed into a single SoC. Drawing on ABI Research’s extensive teardown analysis this service is able to give a unique perspective on the market.


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