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The mobile device market is the largest consumer electronics market in the world. As such it is subject to huge innovation in multiple different areas. In order to remain competitive, device OEMs, mobile carriers, OS and software vendors, and silicon providers must remain in tune with this rapidly changing market.

Major innovation is centered around the User Experience (UX) with an emphasis being placed on input/output, sensors, connectivity, displays and also immersive solutions such as gesture, speech, and facial recognition. Security, memory and storage, power solutions and user interface (UI) also look set to be areas of high innovation.

Analysis & Data

Audio Advancements for Mobile Devices
Wearable Devices: Next-generation Computing
Smartphone Reference Designs
Mobile Device Enabling Technologies
Mobile Identity
Flexible Displays for Mobile Devices
Extended Displays: Smartphones and Tablets
Low Cost Smartphones
Standards Leadership within the 3GPP
New Computing Device Form-Factors
Mobile & Connectivity Mega Trends
Market Opportunities for Smart Watches
Wireless Charging Solutions
Wearable Computing Technologies


Smart Watch Trigger Points
What Samsung’s Results Really Mean for 2014
Jolla: Android Cloning
Sequans Prepared for Verizon Wireless' Singlemode LTE Business
LG G Flex Smartphone
Smart Glass Challenges

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