Mobile Device Accessories

The sale of handset accessory products remains a lucrative business and provides further opportunities for OEMs, ODMs, mobile operators, distributors, and retailers to create a premium mobile experience for consumers and enterprises. Memory cards, protective cases, decorative elements, Bluetooth headsets and headphones, cradles, chargers, scratch protectors, batteries, and wired accessories provide large volume potential.

Many accessories, such as screen protectors and cases, primarily require branding and point-of-sale presence, occasionally with some business model innovation (e.g. custom printing, lifetime warranty, etc.). Other accessories require a higher level of electronics (such as integration of fast-charging technologies) and must follow mobile device lifecycles, such as protective cases and batteries.

Handset vendors are realizing that accessories contribute to increasing sales, product portfolio differentiation, and can extend the product lifecycle of high-end devices. Mobile accessories provide vendors and network operators with further opportunities in brand building and promotion, as well as in expanding their product offerings.


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