Mobile OS, Browsers and Applications

The battle for mobile device Operating Systems has created a full ecosystem of go-to-market strategies for digital goods and services. This service focuses on the revenues of the large end-to-end mobile ecosystem companies including Apple, Google's Android, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft's XBOX and phone platforms as well as monetization on emerging platforms such as Mozilla, and Android Open Source Project (AOSP). ABI Research reviews these not from a device perspective, but from a monetization and strategic perspective. This service reviews application revenues by O/S vendor, as well as category and looks at the B2B relationships between O/S vendors, OEMs, and operators. Finally, this service delves beyond mobility to other emerging application areas, including smart TVs, automotive applications, and wearables.

A number of elements of the application ecosystem which extends to a specific content including advertising, music, storage, etc., extend beyond the boundaries of a single O/S or platform; we track those in the sister service, Cloud Content and Services.