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A number of wireless technologies and mission-critical applications have converged over the past few years to create a vibrant embedded wireless healthcare industry. Wearable devices enabling body area networks, combined with the support and integration of mobile phones and applications are making their way into sports, wellness and medical monitoring and measuring applications.

Recent events have seen the invention of new consumer grade markets in the form of sports, health, and wellbeing. These are typically supported by a combination of bespoke medical devices, mobile devices, and sensor networks.

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Big Data and Analytics in mHealth
Wireless Healthcare and Fitness
mHealth Home Monitoring Services
Wearable Wireless Devices in Enterprise Wellness Programs
The 802.15.6 Standard - Playing Catch Up in MBANs
Bringing Wireless Sensors to Medical Disposables


The Wearable Smart Home
Smartwatches Won't Cannibalize Fitness and Activity Trackers
What Apple Could Bring to mHealth’s Attempt to Productize Quantified Self: Mother

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