mHealth Wearables, Platforms and Services

Tectonic structural change is coming to the healthcare market and will impact everyone. Governments, hospitals, insurers, vendors, care organizations, and patients are all struggling to manage the speed and breadth of a transition already underway. mHealth fitness and wellness wearable sales combined with mobile application adoption have shown that consumers are embracing new ways to monitor and manage their own health. These devices are just the starting point for new levels of monitoring and health data collection, integration, and sharing. Real structural change will flow from connecting these and wearable medical grade devices into ongoing healthcare provision and care. Medical device and systems specialists will increasingly face demands to add connectivity to their offerings as well as integrate and compete with a slew of new competitors. Consumer brand giants including Apple, Google, and Samsung have already begun to set out their plays to put themselves at the heart of the change.

This service delivers detailed analysis across both consumer and medical grade devices examining the adoption and potential for wireless connectivity. It also investigates the increasingly valuable platforms and services that will support the adoption of wearable wireless devices by integrating and sharing the data to relevant parties. Included in the service are market data forecasts for mHealth wearable device shipments and revenues across four market segments:

  • Sports, fitness, and well-being
  • Home monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Professional healthcare


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