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While portable computing is focused on productivity, and mobile phones are still primarily about communication, the main focus of media tablets is consumption of entertainment content.

In addition to the popular tablet devices, Netbooks, Smartbooks, and Ultrabooks represent a cost-effective portable computing opportunity that is highly related to tablet and smartphone markets. Although a much less headline-worthy market it is still the focus of ample change. The continued battle between Intel-backed x86 architectures and the potential for ARM-powered products form the backdrop for market conflict.

ABI Research also continues to analyze the adoption of eBook Readers, which offer a similar form-factor shape to tablets. Unlike tablets, eReaders are optimized for the consumption of the written word and have exceptional battery life of weeks to months.

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Ultrabook and Netbook Product Tracker
Ultrabooks and Netbooks
Media Tablets and eReaders
Media Tablets and eReader Product Tracker
Media Tablet Market Share Tracker
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Tablet Market Research Summary
Media Tablet Affordability By Country
Media Tablets
New Computing Device Form-Factors
Mobile & Connectivity Mega Trends
Education Market for Computing Devices

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