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ABI Research’s location and tracking technologies research uncovers new forecasts and trends that extend beyond the traditional outdoor positioning and navigation systems. Our research focuses on the foundational building blocks of location ecosystems, as well as the potential deployment prospects in smart home, smart city, health, retail, automotive, industrial IoT, AR/VR, in-building location, and navigation, asset tracking, beaconing, and robotics markets.

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Indoor Location and RTLS: Technology Positioning and Use Cases

This presentation provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the current location technologies market, including both market opportunities and perspective for the medium-term and long-term. The content is provided in a quick and easy-to-read presentation to provide insight into technical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and ecosystem support for a number of location technologies including, but not limited to, BLE Beacons, Wi-Fi, Sensor Fusion, and GPS. A number of vertical markets are also assessed, providing case studies and suitability for use with location technologies for each.


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NB-IoT-Enabled Bike-as-a-Service in Smart City Space

3Q 2017

During the Huawei Analyst Event held in May 2017 in Singapore, Huawei announced their strategic partnership with China Telecom and Ofo to develop a smart bike-as-a-service in China. Huawei will provide the NB-IoT chipset to Ofo bike. Additionally, Huawei announced they will ship 1 million units of 3GPP-based NB-IoT Boudica 120 chipsets starting in June of this year. Meanwhile, The Boudica 150 chipset, with DL of up to 80 Kbps and UL of 106 Kbps, will be commercially available in Q4 2017. Additionally, Ofo is conducting trials in the U.S. (San Diego) and the U.K (Cambridge). Other vendors of the NB-IoT chipset/ module include Qualcomm, Sequans Communications, U-blox, and Quectel, among others.

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