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Enterprise and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) cloud applications are either created in the cloud or migrated from existing infrastructure. The challenge is that migrations take time, and the scale of the IoT makes the cloud an integral resource for both Research and Development and service delivery. Players in industrial markets have been challenged to capitalize on the benefits of edge analytics due to a combination of fragmentation and competing priorities, including the need for a cloud component to complete any Enterprise-to-Enterprise (E2E) IoT offerings, but it remains the best starting place to form Industrial IoT (IIoT) analytics and processing strategy discussions. Cloud-based IIoT solutions can help discover and highlight long-term trends in data and assist in strategic planning across geographies, but this only covers a fraction of the potential benefits of the IIoT. As the volume of sensor data and the number of data sources grow, enterprises will develop more uses, applications, and services built on data. Whoever stores these data will attract high-value application add-ons for everything from management and security to analytics and consulting services.

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Every client is assigned a key member of our research team, based on their organization’s needs and goals. And, an unlimited number of Analyst Inquiry calls are available to answer your specific questions.

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    Dan Shey

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