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In our comprehensive coverage on the Industrial Internet, ABI Research takes a close examination of the IT- and OT-centric systems convergence, as well as the impact that this has on establish IT systems. The Industrial Internet is one of the next major IoT segments and is posed to revolutionize design, manufacturing, operations, service, and maintenance by relying on key enabling technologies like robotics, automation, remote monitoring, AR, VR, and wearables.

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Enterprise 3D Printing and Distributed Manufacturing

The terms 3D Printing and additive manufacturing (AM) both refer to the same technologies that take three-dimensional digital models and create a physical object or product. Many manufacturing companies currently use AM for prototyping, but companies have struggled to match the productivity and low cost of an automated assembly line in mass production with AM. Fortunately, AM does have current business use cases for complex manufacturing with many parts or intricate geometries, low-volume plastic parts, and highly customized parts, as well as replacement parts via distributed manufacturing platforms. Because of this, aerospace and defence, as well as medicine and dentistry, already see growth in AM use.



IIoT training courses partially solve hurdles to adoption

3Q 2017

Historically, a disconnect has existed between IT and OT in most organizations. Until Industry 4.0 and the IIoT, OT in manufacturing rarely had to work too closely with networked technology; now, IT systems must have access to physical assets and shop-floor workers must have access to analytics. All parties must communicate and solve problems together.