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Our handsets & devices coverage looks at new form-factors and concepts. It includes the most future-looking ICs, features, and functionalities as well as innovation across both hardware and software technologies targeting not only device consumers but also enterprise customers. Special focus is given to technology innovation including computing, connectivity, and sensor platforms as well as device-level artificial intelligence and deep learning.


Mobile Devices, Features, and Technologies (Networks)

2Q 2017 | MD-MDEV-101 | Updated Quarterly

The Mobile Devices, Features, and Technologies (Networks) report is a new, streamlined market data file that encompasses data on mobile phones, smartphones, and media tablets, resulting in a number of dynamic, fully-functioning pivot tables enabling a full range of market data cuts and insights. It provides historical quarterly data by major vendors and regions for handsets and tablets—updated to 4Q 2016—with forecasts included to 2022. In addition, a "bottom up" model-level volume shipment tracker for smartphones allows for data analyses across a number of main features, including by operating system, form factor, screen size and resolution, camera megapixels, and ...


Mobile Handset Pricing Tracker

1Q 2017 | MD-MHPT-104 | Updated Quarterly

The Mobile Handset Pricing Tracker looks at retail pricing trends for smartphones. It is updated to include quarterly data up to 2Q 2016 from the world's top 16 vendors, specifically Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Sony, Motorola, HTC, TCL/Alcatel, Microsoft/Nokia, OPPO, Vivo, Coolpad, and Micromax. New vendors covered in this latest iteration are OPPO and Vivo, with Blackberry now excluded. 
Pricing can be broken down by US$200, US$100, and US$50 tiers and by country, region, and device specification, including by screen size, chipset speed (MHz) and air interface. Clients can review ...


Mobile Device Historical Shipments by Technology

1Q 2017 | MD-MHST-113 | Updated Quarterly

The Mobile Handset Shipment Tracker—updated with 3Q 2016 data—provides a "bottom up" model-level volume shipment tracker for smartphones based on reported information from handset OEMs, mobile operators, chipset vendors, retailers, ABI Research's Device Pricing Portal, ABI Research analyst information, and web research. The result is a dynamic, fully-functioning pivot table, enabling a full range of market data cuts and insights. Mobile phones are included in the pivot, but only with limited detail based on percentage splits, and to aid with total handsets market sizing by countries and regions.

Data can be cut by any combination of:

  • Year
  • Quarter
  • 17 OEM ...


Mobile Devices Market Sizing and Share

4Q 2016 | MD-MDMS-171 | Updated Quarterly

Mobile Devices Market Sizing and Share provides quarterly and annual historical vendor market shares, vendor average selling prices (ASPs), technology ASP trends, and the spreadsheets quantifying the latest quarterly wireless handset announcements and handset features analysis.


Mobile Broadband PC Modems & Routers

4Q 2016 | MD-CPC-117 | Updated Semiannually

This Market Data set provides market share and shipment forecast data for mobile broadband modems and routers used to supply mobile data connectivity for portable and mobile computing devices. Mobile broadband modems come in three form-factors: PCMCIA cards, USB modems, and embedded modem modules. Battery-powered routers that share a single 3G/4G connection with multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices (commonly called mobile hotspot routers) are also tracked and analyzed.
This Market Data file analyzes shipments, revenues, and air interface protocol offerings (from GSM to LTE-Advanced) across all modem/router form-factors in addition to a 5-year forward-looking forecast.


Media Tablet Market Share Tracker

4Q 2016 | MD-MTMS-121 | Updated Quarterly

ABI Research builds and maintains quarterly tablet shipment data and forecasts. Global vendor shipment and share data for calendar 3Q 2016 are estimated in this release, with data for both total volume shipments and mobile broadband attach rates. Estimated quarterly updates for Apple iPad shipments showing share by internal memory are also included.
Quarterly shipments are estimated for the most recent quarter using reported vendor data, in addition to analyst estimates for vendors that do not report. Any differences between early estimates in this market data and the actual reported figures will be "trued up" in the next release ...


Mobile Accessories

4Q 2016 | MD-ACC-161 | Updated Semianually

This Market Data product provides critical data on global shipments and revenues of key mobile handset accessory segments. Key segments covered in this product are: Handset Chargers, Batteries, Corded Headsets, Bluetooth Headsets, Memory Cards, Data Connection Kits, Carrying/Protective Cases, Portable Speakers, and Hands Free Car Kits. Where appropriate, segments are broken out into In-Box and Aftermarket shipments. Retail ASPs are provided for aftermarket accessories.


Media Tablets and eReaders

4Q 2016 | MD-MCE-170 | Updated Semiannually

This market data product includes forecasts for all ultra-mobile devices (UMDs), including media tablets, netbooks, UMPCs, mobile Internet devices (MIDs), and mobile broadband-enabled consumer electronics (CE) devices. Shipments, ASPs, and revenue for these devices are provided, including shipments and revenues for each type of UMD by region, platform, operating system, and connectivity attach rates.


Mobile Device Shipments

4Q 2016 | MD-MDMT-166 | Updated Semiannually

This market data covers historical and forecasted shipments to 2021 of mobile handsets and smartphones. Total handset shipments are segmented by WWAN air interface technology groupings (including LTE splits), OEM, region, and country. Smartphone shipments are additionally segmented by operating system.


Human-Machine Interface Attach Rate and Penetration

3Q 2016 | MD-MDET-164 | Updated Semianually

This market data examines the market sizing and forecasts for key Human-Machine Interfaces as part of ABI Research's Human-Machine Interface Research Service. The goal of this market data is to present historic and expected attach rates for various advanced mobile device enabling technologies to isolate and predict how product innovation may evolve for both smartphones and tablets. These technology features have been analyzed mainly from a hardware perspective, so the market data does not cover those that can be enabled through one or more applications/services via an operating system (OS). 
The technologies covered, providing attach rates for ...


Mobile Modem and Processor Platforms: Vendor Market Share by Technology Generation

3Q 2016 | MD-ICSP-106 | Updated Quarterly

This market data report tracks quarterly shipments of mobile ICs across various market segments, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile connected devices. The market data assesses the volume share of the top 10 suppliers across the various market segments and technologies studied.  It provides detailed figures of baseband and application processor shipments broken down by standalone chips and integrated modem and application platforms. Particular attention is dedicated to cellular technology segmentation, from 2G and 3G to LTE classic and LTE carrier aggregation.


Mobile Device Semiconductors

3Q 2016 | MD-MSMT-165 | Updated Semiannually

This bi-annual market data update provides detailed market forecasts of mobile chips shipments, ASPs, and revenues across various market segments, cellular technologies, and mobile processing platforms. It is based on a comprehensive methodology, taking into account addressable markets, granular segmentation, opportunities and challenges facing different implementations and their use case over various device form-factors (e.g., feature phone, smartphone, media tablet), and OSes. This data tracker includes a number of unique forecasts on how new technologies and approaches are shaping the market and changing the competitive landscape; these include the migration to 64-bit processing, the race toward multi-core processing, the ...


Mobile Device Accessory Survey Results (China)

2Q 2016 | MD-ACSRCH-101

This report contains data collected from an online survey of consumers in China, which aims to review ownership for smartphones, mobile accessories, and smartwatches. It includes information related to purchase location, brand preferences, and prices paid.


Market Forecasts for Sensors in Mobile Devices: Shipments and Revenues Across Various Technology Segments

1Q 2016 | MD-SNMD-102 | Updated Semiannually

This market data focuses on sensors targeting mobile devices. Sensors define the ability of the device to interact with the outside world. Thanks to the various sensors and sensor combinations embedded in modern mobile phones and tablets, these devices can now automatically react to some specific conditions under which the device operates. Sensors can authenticate the user identity; enable the device to track its location, its orientation, how fast it is moving; how healthy the user is; and under what condition he is using the device. All data tracked from various sensors can be processed in a sensor hub to ...


Ultraportable PCs and Chromebooks

1Q 2016 | MD-NSU-167 | Updated Semiannually

This market data product tracks the Notebook PC category, including the segments for Ultraportable PCs, Laptops, Chromebooks, and Netbooks from all major OEM vendor brands. The database includes information about these products' availability and feature sets. It also specifically tracks the WWAN air interface technologies these devices use to access the Internet.


Mobile Device Accessory Survey Results

1Q 2016 | MD-ACSR-102 | Updated Annually

This U.S. consumer survey reviews accessory ownership for a large range of accessories from scratch protection film to Bluetooth headsets, including by Smartphone OEM. It includes preferences related to purchase location, brand preference, and prices paid.


Media Tablets and eReader Product Tracker

4Q 2015 | MD-MIDN-167

Media tablets are one of the fastest growing technology products for mobile computing. eReaders offer a dedicated device experience that most closely resembles the consumption of printed publications and books.

This Market Data product tracks media tablet and eBook reader announcements from all major vendors. The database includes information about these products' availability and feature sets. It also specifically tracks the air interface technologies these devices use to access the Internet.


Notebook, Ultraportable PC and Chromebook Product Tracker

4Q 2015 | MD-NSUT-166

This market data product tracks model-level details for netbooks, Chromebooks, and ultraportable PCs from all major OEM vendors. The database includes information about these products' availability and feature sets. It also specifically tracks the WWAN air interface technologies these devices use to access the Internet.


Mobile Broadband Modem Product Tracker

4Q 2015 | MD-MODM-113

This database offers information on wireless mobile broadband modem devices. It includes details on modem form factors, including their frequency bands, technologies (air interfaces) and regional availability. The modem form-factors included herein are: PCMCIA, USB, Embedded Modem Modules and Mobile Hotspot Routers.


OS Platform Cross-device Aggregated Forecast

1Q 2015 | MD-OPAF-101

This in-depth market data report incorporates the use of many existing ABI Research market data reports to produce a comprehensive view of operating systems. Looking back to Q1 2013, market data was gathered from the most recent editions of Media Tablets and eReaders (MD-MCE-164), Ultrabooks and Netbooks (MD-NSU-163), Mobile Handset Shipment Tracker (MD-MHST-105), Automotive Operating Systems: QNX Versus Windows and Open Source (AN-1167), and Wearable Device Market Share and Forecasts (MD-WADT-102) to create this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive piece.


Ultraportable Notebook Computer Affordability by Country

4Q 2014 | MD-W2BU-156 | Updated Annually

How many weeks of income does it take a household in a specific country to afford an ultrabook? This ABI Research market data file seeks to illuminate the regional similarities and differences of costs to purchase an ultrabook across a variety of world markets.


Media Tablet Affordability by Country

4Q 2014 | MD-W2BT-156 | Updated Annually

This ABI Research Market Data report analyzes how many weeks of income it takes a household in a specific country to afford a media tablet. In addition, this report seeks to illuminate the regional similarities and differences of costs to purchase a media tablet across a variety of world markets.


Smartphone Operating System Installed Base

4Q 2014 | MD-MDIB-102 | Updated Annually

The installed base of advanced operating systems (OS) is a KPI of the health of the OS's ecosystem. It signifies the total addressable market for developers: a key criterion of a developer's decision making when deciding which OS to develop native applications for. Developer and application ecosystems are obviously a major factor in creating market momentum for an OS and ultimately the virtuous cycle crucial for success. Similarly, squeezed Android OEMs may also be looking for a viable second OS to add to their product portfolio.

ABI Research's regional historical and forecast installed base data also identifies where the growth ...


Mobile Application Tracker Database

2Q 2014 | MD-MAT-118

This Market Data product tracks mobile application (app) storefronts in terms of key trends and developments. It provides vast amounts of highly granular raw data on the top apps in all storefront categories, including metrics such as: rank, developer, price, app description, file size, OS compatibility, ratings, and available languages. All data points are collected by using ABI Research's proprietary software. The product is updated with the new data on a bi-annual basis.

This iteration of the product is from June 2014. The following storefronts and countries are included:

  • iOS Argentina
  • iOS Australia
  • iOS Austria
  • iOS Belgium
  • iOS Brazil
  • iOS ...


Mobile Subscriber Forecasts by Carrier

1Q 2014 | MD-SUBOP-124 | Updated Semiannually

This Market Data presents the historical wireless subscriptions of mobile network operators in 48 major markets around the world as well as our five-to-six-year projection of their future trends, all on a quarterly basis. The data are displayed in a single pivot table so that regions, countries, operators, and time frame of interest can be selected easily.

Data this pivot table provides include:

Mobile Subscriber Forecasts by Carrier, Brazil, 2008 to 2018

Mobile Subscriber Forecasts by Carrier, China, 2008 to 2018

Mobile Subscriber Forecasts by Carrier, Germany, 2008 to 2018

Mobile Subscriber Forecasts by Carrier, Israel, 2008 to 2018

Mobile ...


Worldwide Semiconductor Market - 2Q13

3Q 2013 | MD-SEMI-110 | Updated Quarterly

The worldwide semiconductor market is vast; it continues its cyclical growth pattern and constantly evolves due to dynamic markets and merger and acquisition strategies. The market is served by a diverse range of suppliers, with the top 20 including large semiconductor-focused suppliers such as Intel, Texas Instruments, and STMicroelectronics; OEMs with large semiconductor portfolios such as Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony; and a whole range of small to mid-sized semiconductor suppliers largely focused on specific market verticals such as Qualcomm, Broadcom, Nvidia, MediaTek, and Marvell. Each region has its successful companies, but this is very much a global market.


Mobile Device Royalties

4Q 2012 | MD-MDRO-154 | Updated Semiannually

The Mobile Device Royalties Research Service provides subscribers with updates on the mobile technology royalty rates and revenues for mobile devices. For each of GSM, GSM/WCDMA, and GSM/WCDMA/LTE handsets and the total of these, the following data and forecasts are provided:

  • Mobile technology royalty revenues
  • Rates for no portfolio, weak portfolio, moderate portfolio, strong portfolio, and very strong portfolio
  • Average royalties rates

For each of handsets, media tablets, laptops/ultrabooks/netbooks, external modems, 4G mobile consumer electronics devices, and their totals, the following data and forecasts are provided:

  • Mobile device royalty attach point percentages
  • WiMAX royalty rates ...




Samsung Hopes to Rekindle Its Fortunes with Infinity Display on New Flagships

2Q 2017 | IN-4526

Late March (2017), Samsung launched the latest update to its line of flagship Galaxy phones with the launch of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. As expected, the devices came packed with new design features and functionalities that bring noticeable improvements over its predecessors, although only incremental changes were made to their cameras. The new smartphones retained the microSD card slots that were reintroduced back into the lineup in the Samsung Galaxy S6, but Samsung resisted the temptation to dispense with the 3.5 mm headphone jack (for the time being at least).

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Smartphone Replacement Cycles

Despite close to two billion smartphones being sold globally this year, the market is becoming increasingly commoditized and is clearly reaching a level of saturation. In such a highly competitive market, there are few companies that are able to successfully maintain margins, while others have fallen by the wayside. It will be those that can control costs, create quick and sustainable differentiation, and establish new business models that will remain competitive and resilient to these expected ongoing market pressures. In light of this development, our webinar will explore the major trends and influences that will impact, drive, and evolve the market over the coming years. We will share some of our top-level forecasts, as well as how we envision smartphone vendors will be able to create demand in the future.