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Our handsets & devices coverage looks at new form-factors and concepts. It includes the most future-looking ICs, features, and functionalities as well as innovation across both hardware and software technologies targeting not only device consumers but also enterprise customers. Special focus is given to technology innovation including computing, connectivity, and sensor platforms as well as device-level artificial intelligence and deep learning.


Transformative Consumer Device Features and Technologies

2Q 2017 | | Updated Annually

This market data examines the market sizing and forecasts for key transformative consumer device features and technologies. The goal of this market data is to present historic and expected attach rates for various advanced mobile device enabling technologies to isolate and predict how product innovation may evolve for both smartphones and tablets. These technology features have been analyzed mainly from a hardware perspective, so the market data does not cover those that can be enabled through one or more applications/services via an operating system (OS).

The technologies covered, along with their attach rates for both smartphones and tablets, include ...




Apple Will Soon Be Making iPhones in India

2Q 2017 | IN-4587

Apple recently announced its plans to use Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron to assemble up to 400,000 units of its iPhone SE each year in Karnataka, Southern India. Apple hopes to make India its third-largest manufacturing center, after China and Brazil.

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Smartphone Replacement Cycles

Despite close to two billion smartphones being sold globally this year, the market is becoming increasingly commoditized and is clearly reaching a level of saturation. In such a highly competitive market, there are few companies that are able to successfully maintain margins, while others have fallen by the wayside. It will be those that can control costs, create quick and sustainable differentiation, and establish new business models that will remain competitive and resilient to these expected ongoing market pressures. In light of this development, our webinar will explore the major trends and influences that will impact, drive, and evolve the market over the coming years. We will share some of our top-level forecasts, as well as how we envision smartphone vendors will be able to create demand in the future.