Enterprise Mobility Applications, Services, and Devices

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), and consumerization of IT all point to a set of overwhelming forces driving mobile technologies deeper into the workplace. Employee access to productivity tools is no longer delivered by their IT administrator but rather through personally purchased smartphones, tablets, wearables, mobile apps, online services and non-cellular wireless technologies.

These forces are changing the threats to enterprise and how they are managed. As well, forward-looking organizations recognize that threat management should not limit personal use of the mobile device. Balancing these two forces has led to a wave of innovation in enterprise mobility management technologies and services. But with a plethora of enterprise mobility management services, now businesses are challenged with choosing from a range of offerings.

The result is an expanding ecosystem of suppliers including chipset vendors, device OEMs, operators, SIs, enterprise mobility management vendors, developers, and other enterprise mobility service providers all seeking a stake in the mobile workplace hardware and software markets. But serving a more diverse end-user market that includes both C-suite and IT decision makers as well as a consumer-oriented employee base is complex. Point solution vendors can address the complexity of the enterprise systems and the diverse mobile device market; however, one-stop-shop suppliers are sought by enterprise decision makers to ease assessment of a broad-based and interconnected technology and supplier market.

This Research Service provides insight and quantification of the most salient technologies, devices, applications and services shaping the mobile workplace. The service is grounded in market sizing across customers and revenues for core enterprise mobility voice and data applications and services. Market sizing also includes smartphone and tablet customers and distribution by OS and business segment. Deep-dive reviews are provided in reports covering the enterprise mobility management technologies, enterprise endpoint management services, mobile security, application and smart device competitive assessments, and cellular enterprise services.