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The proliferation of IoT technologies and services presents businesses with an opportunity to automate the workplace and increase both employee productivity and workplace efficiencies. Our research looks at all aspects of future enterprise connectivity from hardware to software platforms, applications and devices as well as their impact on worker management, productivity, safety, and IoT enablement. Workplace automation coverage examines convergence trends, workforce management, critical communication technologies, and other enablers aimed at transforming the very nature of how enterprises and their employees operate and accomplish step changes in productivity and efficiency.

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Enterprise Mobility Management Services for Wearables

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is becoming more and more vital for supporting enterprise wearable solutions. These devices have access to a large amount of company and client information, which could be fatal to a company’s reputation should it reach the wrong hands. EMM’s help to secure a wide range of different devices, including wearables, offering features such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, and remote control of a device, whereby the IT team can take control of the device and either remotely lock or remotely wipe it. All of this is to ensure that any data that is on the device is kept secure.


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IT/OT Convergence Will Lead to Agility in Decision-Making

4Q 2017

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) diverged and developed in silos. Since the emergence of M2M communications several years ago though, slowly but surely, they have started to converge. Unfortunately, up until now, a fractured solutions market and simple lack of communication between IT and OT departments have made it difficult to scale Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions designed to increase access to data.

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