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The proliferation of IoT technologies and services presents businesses with an opportunity to automate the workplace and increase both employee productivity and workplace efficiencies. Our research looks at all aspects of future enterprise connectivity from hardware to software platforms, applications and devices as well as their impact on worker management, productivity, safety, and IoT enablement. Workplace automation coverage examines convergence trends, workforce management, critical communication technologies, and other enablers aimed at transforming the very nature of how enterprises and their employees operate and accomplish step changes in productivity and efficiency.

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Spring 2017 Business Computing Announcements

2Q 2017 | IN-4568

In the consumer electronics market, vendors often release new products, such as computers and TVs, twice each calendar year. The first launch occurs in the March or April time frame and is colloquially known as the Spring Refresh, where the spring season is starting in the northern hemisphere. The second portfolio change occurs around September, which coincides with the back-to-school season. The timing is also important in preparation for end of the calendar year boosts in consumer purchases during the Christmas holiday.

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