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Cloud Computing has enabled a wealth of new consumer services which enhance the functionality of consumer electronics devices and provide consumers with cross-platform experiences. These “Cloud Electronic” services – especially when tied with content consumption – offer enhanced mobility and convenience and pose a threat of displacing traditional business models. Covered services include music, storage, communication (messaging and videoconferencing), gaming, and social media.

This service looks at a range of consumer facing software as a service (SaaS) applications and identifies current and future monetization potential and pricing power for those services. We forecast traction of the services, penetrations of paid, advertising-supported and promotional subscribers, and identify service provider opportunities.

Analysis & Data

Securing the Cloud for Enterprise
Personal Cloud Storage and Synchronization
Big Data and Analytics in M2M Services
Unlocking the Value of Big Data in Enterprises
Cloud Music Services
Cloud Strategies for Augmented Reality
Convergence of Social Networking and M2M Services
Ultraviolet Video Distribution
Cloud Security Services


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Is WhatsApp Worth US$19 Billion? Taking It at Face(book) Value
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Why’s Involvement Matters So Much for the IoT

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