Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications Research Service

Some AI vendors have their own Application Enablement Platforms (AEPs) or partner with AEPs. Unfortunately, in manufacturing, that does not necessarily mean they have access to the data they need because oftentimes the end users do not have the same access. AI vendors need Operational Technology (OT) protocol translators or partners that specialize in data extraction. They need to adapt to each client’s situation; each will have unique requirements. Most end users in the sector lack the necessary expertise to get the most out of any AI-based application. Even if they have an army of computer scientists, they often require instruction on how to get started. To help clients reach return on investment, offer consulting on setup, data ingestion, data curation and communicating insights to the right people. Data ingestion may require bringing in other partners. If the clients lack computer scientists altogether, a managed service option might provide another revenue stream and lead to more successful deployments.

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Every client is assigned a key member of our research team, based on their organization’s needs and goals. And, an unlimited number of Analyst Inquiry calls are available to answer your specific questions.