LTE & 5G

In light of the increasing complexity of mobile networks and associated spectrums, LTE & 5G service extends the segmentation of LTE mobile devices and related chips to reflect on the evolution of LTE across various paths, including FDD LTE, TDD LTE, multimode FDD-TDD LTE, and network generations including LTE Classic and LTE-Advanced. The extended segmentation takes into account the transformation in the mobile LTE market, notably the emergence of LTE Carrier Aggregation (LTE CA), LTE in unlicensed spectrum, and LTE service diversity.

One of the aims of the LTE & 5G Research Service is to evaluate the market potential for various multi-stream intra-band and inter-bands LTE CA combinations across all licensed and unlicensed LTE bands. The service aims to evaluate market opportunities of LTE technology targeted at different use cases, for instance LTE Broadcast, LTE Machine Type communication, and LTE Direct.

The technology migration to LTE-Advanced and to 5G in the future will not come without a price. Challenges remain in terms of spectrum choice, the availability of compatible devices, identifying the right technology for the right use case, creating viable wholesale business models, driving economy of scale for chipset technology vendors, and establishing the right balance between all technology combinations involved.

The LTE & 5G service will also assess dynamics of the mobile industry as the technology moves towards 5G. The service will keep track of how all these changes will impact the typical characteristics of each node of the industry chain.


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