Telco 2.0

It is increasingly important for mobile service providers (MSPs), the traditional wireless carriers, to invest in new business models and operational processes to provide value to their digital transformation efforts. The ecosystem of MSPs – including mobile network operators (MNOs) and telecommunication providers – is also under pressure. For instance, telcos today rely on connectivity offerings – a highly competitive market with eroding profit margins and challenging customer demands, especially from newer generations. Telco expertise is also declining. The total number of patents filed by the Top 20 telcos have been in decline since 2013. Despite telcos discussing about new business areas, they are most active in their comfort zone. Most of their acquisitions are in the connectivity domain. Research-and-development spend is mostly flat, which is also aimed at the connectivity business. Digital transformation is central for MSPs to embrace new market opportunities. Yet, the future market strategies for MSPs encompass challenges, priorities and opportunities that focus on ecosystem and market issues, network and technology as well as business model and client engagement.

Top management and operational executives at MSPs are grappling with an onslaught of technology-specific dilemmas:

  • What are the key technologies that are underpinning the digital transformation?
  • How do we break out of being just a pipe provider?
  • How do we capitalize on the enterprise verticals and which ones?
  • How do we embrace and drive digital transformation?
  • What are the new 5G use cases and business models?
  • How can we justify 5G investments to the main stakeholders?
  • How big is the smart home opportunity? Or is it a bigger threat?

ABI has 5 main research services that cater to the needs of MSPs with specific strategies to solve important challenges

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