Wi-Fi Industry Must Tackle 40-Year High Inflation Rates with Clear Value Propositions and New Business Models

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By Andrew Spivey | 3Q 2022 | IN-6609


U.S. Inflation Breaks a New Record


A mere 12 months ago, many economists were optimistic about the future economic outlook post-pandemic, but these forecasts have now been shattered by a combination of rampant inflation, rising interest rates, and predictions of a recession in 2023. The 9.1% U.S. inflation rate for June reported last Wednesday is the highest since December 1981, and exceeds the previous 40-year high of 8.6% set in May. Other Western nations are witnessing similar levels, with the May figures for the United Kingdom and the Eurozone at 9.1% and 8.1%, respectively. The repercussions of inflation permeate throughout all aspects of the Wi-Fi industry, from raising the price of components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to dampening the end consumers’ confidence. Understanding the causes and effects of these economic headwinds is key to devising sound strategies to weather the storm.

Inflationary Impact Rippling across the Entire Wi-Fi Industry


The inflationary environment is, in part, a consequence of the protracted supply chain…

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