Four Best Practices for Adding Connectivity to Workplace Tools

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By Harriet Sumnall | 3Q 2022 | IN-6600


If Connectivity Is an Add-on, How Smart Is the Device?


Most “things”—if not every type of “thing”—can have a connectivity element added to them, such as a sensor with an embedded module or a Short-Range Wireless (SRW) device, to make them be connected; however, it does not mean that this will make the “thing” actively smart. As the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen ginormous growth with more and more devices being connected, there’s the assumption that this connectivity element makes the item smart. Another element of this discussion includes this question: if the connectivity enables tracking the asset, does this make the item a smart item or merely a connected item? An example of this is power tools. There are solutions available that have tags added to power tools that house a connectivity device inside to enable tracking the location of the power tool. To some, this may make the power tool “smart,” but realistically, this is just an asset tracking solution for the power tool.

Why Make Working Tools Smart?


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