Government Identity Enrollment Sees Increasing Decentralization to Improve Service Delivery

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By Lucas Stewart | 2Q 2022 | IN-6586

Zimbabwe Commissions Another Remote Bio-Enrollment Center in Bid to
Widen Accessibility of Services


The Zimbabwean government recently commissioned a passport office and bio-enrolment center in the remote town of Hwange. The Hwange office is the second district registry, following Chitungwiza, to accommodate ePassport enrolment services away from centralized facilities, with plans are underway for three similar centers to be opened later in 2022. For Zimbabwean citizens who live in towns like Hwange, which is around 100 km from the nearest large city, travel to centralized facilities is difficult and accessibility to enrolment centers is limited. As described by the Zimbabwean Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage in explaining the move to decentralize enrolment facilities, it is hugely important that citizens are able to access national documents with ease, and the decentralization of services by Zimbabwe is one of the programs that has had the most far-reaching impact on people’s lives by enabling this. It grants accessibility to those who otherwise would not be capable of government enrolment, empowering l…

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