Weighing Up Public Cloud Providers’ Strategies in the Telecoms Market

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By Don Alusha | 2Q 2022 | IN-6573


Google Acquires MobiledgeX


Google recently acquired MobiledgeX, the edge computing specialist vendor launched by Deutsche Telekom in early 2018 as an independent company. Google plans to open source the company’s code. MobiledgeX offers a federation and common orchestration layer that presents a consistent interface to app developers. This enables CSPs to monetize their 5G networks and edge computing deployments well beyond what they can accomplish in isolation. For example, to date, MobiledgeX claims to have collaborated with more than 200 software developers to deploy edge clouds for a wide range of use cases across consumer and enterprise apps. In addition, MobiledgeX has partnered with about 25 CSPs, including Telefónica, Orange, BT, and Deutsche Telekom. This acquisition equips Google with valuable telecoms market expertise that complements its strong position as a public cloud provider. It will also open new channels for Google to leverage its solutions to mobile operators.

Broadly speaking, the public cloud market is divided into three segments. The first is the “small business” comm…

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