MediaTek Cements Its Position as a Leading Wi-Fi Chipset Innovator

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By Andrew Spivey | 2Q 2022 | IN-6558


Unique Technical Innovations Help MediaTek Stand Out from the Crowd


On May 22nd, MediaTek unveiled its first Wi-Fi 7 chipsets, the Filogic 380 and Filogic 880. The former is targeted at consumer devices, has dual two-by-two tri-radios, and can deliver peak PHY rates of 6.5 Gbps, while the latter can deliver tri-band four-by-four with a peak 19 Gbps PHY rate for residential access points. Given that the announcement followed three successive Wi-Fi 7 chipset releases in as many months, MediaTek faced an uphill struggle to stand out from the crowd. Thus, to turn heads, MediaTek focused on a slew of advanced technological features that distinguished its offering from what came before. These included Single-MAC design Multi-Link Operation (MLO), which promises to reduce latency to just 100 microseconds (μs), and a scaled up Penta-band version of the Filogic 880 being able to deliver an eye-watering 36 Gbps PHY rate. The innovative technical features of the Filogic 380 and 880 chipsets have not only confirmed MediaTek’s position as a leading Wi-Fi chipset innovator but have also raised the bar for the competition.

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