Combining Machine Learning and 5G in Robotics

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By David Lobina | 2Q 2022 | IN-6556


Machine Learning and 5G Coming to Your Local Robot


With the advent of 5G connectivity and Machine Learning (ML) processes on ever smaller devices, it was inevitable that robotics would eventually benefit from both. Thus, it is unsurprising that a big player such as Qualcomm would come up with a platform for the purpose of making ML and 5G available to roboticists. Recently launched, the RB6 platform, along with the RB5 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Reference Design, come with very ambitious goals to further enhance the autonomy of autonomous mobile robots. Aimed at helping developers create intelligent robots, ‘intelligent’ in this case meaning the possibility to carry out ML processes on the robots themselves, the RB6 Platform comes with a suite of advanced tools for this purpose, from 5G connectivity supporting global sub-6GHz and millimeter Wave bands to the edge ML and video processing capabilities supported by a Qualcomm AI Engine capable of carrying out 70-200 trillion operations per second. The RB5 AMR Reference Design, in turn, offers a technical blueprint of an AMR with tightly integrated ML and 5…

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