Why the Biometric Payment Card Should be Considered a Solution, Rather than a Product

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By Phil Sealy | 2Q 2022 | IN-6543


There is More to the Biometric Payment Card Than Just the Card


The biometric payment card is on its positive market pathway. Pilots are active globally and expanding, with the card form factor pitched as the next generation of payment card to help address contactless authentication to provide a future contactless payments experience without limits.

Despite the positive market momentum, a few questions remain, primarily related to the enrollment process and how best to address it. This additional process and added level of complexity mean that the biometric payment card should not be considered a simple migration process, though an issuing bank can replace an existing contactless payment card with a biometric-enabled one.

In addition to the card itself, which works alongside existing contactless Point of Sale (POS) infrastructure, is the requirement to build in and design the fingerprint enrollment process. This can be completed in several different ways with solutions developed to enable centralized, remote, and in-field possibilities.

With enrollment in mind, the biometric payment card becomes more than a st…

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