Noise Cameras- The New Eyes and Ears Collecting Insights for City Governments

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By Lindsey Vest | 2Q 2022 | IN-6530


Axis Communications and Sorama's Noise Camera Solution


Axis Communications and Sorama are launching a new integrated solution that promises help make town centers safer and quieter: the Noise Camera. The solution, which was presented at Intertraffic Amsterdam on the 29th of March, is an all-in-one solution partnered with FF Group (license plate and vehicle recognition) and Milestone (video management system). These integrated solutions are becoming more popular as the power of smart city solutions are enhanced by the coordination of different data types working together.

How Can This Help Cities?


According to a 2018 WHO (World Health Organization) study, noise pollution in the European Union is responsible for the loss of 1.6 million healthy life years per year. Its harmfulness cannot be ignored but it does not receive the same attention and investment as other issues such as air pollution, even though the two are intrinsically linked. Noise pollution can be linked to heightened stress and have physical effects such as respiratory agitation, high blood pr…

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