Apple’s Expected Plan to Adopt a "Hardware Subscription” Strategy Aimed at Increasing Market Share and Consolidating Vertical Integration

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By Filomena Iovino | 2Q 2022 | IN-6528


Apple "Hardware Subscription" Might Lead to Improved Automated Recurring Device Sales


Apple is believed to be developing a "hardware subscription" service for the iPhone and its other smart devices, even though no information has yet been provided regarding price, products that will be considered for the program, or trade-in and upgrade details. Arguably, the move might represent Apple's most significant effort toward automated recurring sales. According to rumors, Apple is considering adding a hardware subscription program to its AppleOne services bundle and AppleCare technical support plans. If true, the subscription service is on track to be launched at the end of 2022, and it would most likely be controlled by an Apple account, the App Store, and the company's website.

The "Hardware Subscription" Plan to do away with Credit, Financing, or Loans


Apple hopes to make "owning" any of its smart devices as easy as subscribing to service applications or the iCloud for a monthly subscription, consistent with the Har…

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