Honing Connected Vehicle Intelligence Operations Through Reliable Telematics Data

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By Dimitrios Pavlakis | 1Q 2022 | IN-6468


Automotive: A Unique IoT Market


The automotive market is a highly complex industry dealing with a composite juxtaposition of operational, technical, security, privacy, and customer objectives. It not only brings high-compute interconnected systems into the hands of end-users but is also a market that is strategically tied to both cellular infrastructure and IoT analytics, management, and authentication platforms. Automotive applications employ data-rich systems for internal (in-vehicle networking and edge computing) and external communications (telematics and connected vehicle servers) for a wide spectrum of applications. These range from standard top-tier objectives like telematics vehicle diagnostics, optimizing vehicle operations and fleet management to digital security objectives like predictive maintenance for vehicle systems, remote Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) update capabilities, in-vehicle network traffic monitoring, and external system authentication, as well as non-critical, low-security consumer-focused applications like infotainment systems, application marketplace, voice and…

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