Iris and Facial Biometrics are Futureproof, Facilitating Use Cases with Throughput Requirement

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By Lucas Stewart | 1Q 2022 | IN-6466


Iris and Facial Scans Streamline Use Cases with the Need of Rapid Throughput


In wake of growing security concerns throughout the last decade, increasing implementation of biometric data within identity has been embraced. Biometrics offer the best way to enhance ID security, increasing the difficulty of fraudulent replication and tampering in comparison to the cases with simply personal information and photograph on the data page of a legacy document. The widescale availability of biometric enrollment devices in the ID ecosystem enables the capture of citizens biometric data and its storage in national registries and databases, with the hardware in many cases being capable of capturing a range of biometrics simultaneously, including fingerprint, iris, and face. Not only is biometric data in smart identity cards beneficial security-wise, but it can also enhance particular use cases where verification by presentation of oneself to provide biometric data can be made instead of presenting a physical ID document. A staple biometric captured is the fingerprint of citizens. Whilst providing unique identifying data for increas…

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