Consumer Tracking Devices: What’s the Need for Pet Tracking?

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By Harriet Sumnall | 1Q 2022 | IN-6461


Pet Tracking: What are the Benefits?


The GPS capabilities of pet tracking devices do offer advantages for pet owners that have pets who are a bolt risk, due to the ease of locating the pet once it has fled. There are additional benefits to the different type of pet trackers available to market as they do not solely focus on tracking the location of pets, but also health parameters such as activity levels and heart rate data. The advantage of these trackable parameters is that veterinarians are able to utilize this information not only for routine checkup appointments, but also for more complex illnesses or emergencies.

Pulling Back on the Lead: What are the Problems?


While the location and health tracking capabilities are beneficial, the marketing claims of trackers being a helping aid for pet thefts is a significant cause for the lack of overall success for these consumer tracking devices.

One of the most used marketing points for these devices is focusing on the ability to see the location of a pet in the unfortunate case that they have been stolen.…

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